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The pub trade has been dogged by uncertainty since COVID-19 halted the economy in March. Publicans are facing a crisis like never before. Against all this, we believe that our insurers are like bookies refusing to pay out on a winning bet.

For numerous reasons, we believe that we have a strong case that will force the Insurers to pay out to the 1,000s of publicans in Ireland, but to ensure success we need those publicans to join the cause. We need people to act fast – get their policies in before we face into renewal season in December and January.

Regardless of what the Insurance Companies have said in the past, we want every publican in the country to get their policies into us for review.

Once received policies will be reviewed by a leading legal team consisting of solicitors and barristers. Where appropriate claims will be grouped with a view to bringing a test case before the  Commercial Court. The aim is to identify those insurance policies where there is, or is believed to be cover for business interruption and where appropriate to bring a legal claim to compel insurers to honour your policy.

No Costs
There are no costs for the publican.
No Penalty
Publicans will not be penalised with increased insurance policies.
All cases will be grouped and anonymised.
We need people get their policies in before renewal season in Dec / Jan.
Your details are safe. We are fully GDPR compliant.


Send us your insurance policy details using the form below.
The legal team will review each policy. Where appropriate test cases will be brought to ascertain liability.
Murphy Loss Assessors will deal directly with the Insurance Company on behalf of every individual publican, to ensure the max payout is secured. Any costs will only be taken from a successful pay-out to the publican.

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Other Options

To send your insurance policy details by email, click on the following link - and fill in your details.

Or you can download and print the form here, and email a scan or photo of it to or post it to McCann Fitzgerald, Riverside One, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2.

 BRIAN WINTERS - Owner of Charlie’s Bar, Loughrea
Brian Winters
Owner of Charlie’s Bar, Loughrea

I’m shocked at the way the insurance companies have stonewalled us. The way publicans have been treated by the Insurance Industry is simply galling. These are companies who were happy to take millions of euros from publicans for decades and as soon as there is a call on them to meet their obligations, they hide behind their Lawyers. People livelihoods and present and future have been decimated, with scant regard shown by Insurance Companies in meeting their contractual obligations. I want to do all I can to get fair treatment for publicans who have paid their insurance premiums for years only to be let down by the insurance companies when they needed them most.

I will be taking my case regardless and hope it will inspire others to join our initiative to take on the Insurers.”

DAIRE & DONAGH DUIGNAN - The Beachcomber Pub, Killester, Dublin 5
Daire & Donagh Duignan
The Beachcomber Pub, Killester, Dublin 5

"The conduct and behaviour of the Insurance companies across the board, and the scant regard they have shown publicans across the country is simply disgusting. We would urge all publicans from Malin Head to Mizen Head and everywhere in between to get behind this initiative.

It is your industry and your livelihood and we have to commend the people assembled who are taking a stance against the Insurance industry and who are fighting to get us what we are entitled to."

TOM O'BRIEN - The Ferryman, Sir John Rogerson Quay, Dublin 2
Tom O'Brien
The Ferryman, Sir John Rogerson Quay, Dublin 2

"As a former chairman of the LVA I am only too aware of the challenges publicans face in the industry. Our plight has only been exasperated by the conduct of the Insurance companies. This initiative is  to be applauded and could be the very lifeline needed by publicans to get through these unprecedented times.

Get your policies in for review. It is not going to cost you a euro, and let us see where we all get to on this journey"


We are calling on the 7,400 pubs across Ireland of all shapes and sizes to join us as we take on those in the insurance sector who have let us down. There will be no costs or future penalties for publicans.

We are small pub owners, with no vested interest other than a desire for fairness. We have used our network to secure the best legal team and people passionate about the pub sector working with us. All we need is for publicans to share their insurance policy details on an anonymous basis.

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